12th Ave A.J Feat. Emily Scott

Jesus lived a perfect life, died on a cross, and rose from the grave to save ANYONE who trusts Him to do what He's promised. Please understand that trusting Jesus to save you from the penalty of your sin isn't maintained by what you do or keep from doing, but rather by trusting Jesus to do what He's promised despite your daily victories or failures. Jesus died for your past, present, and future sins which means that the mistakes and deliberate bad decisions that you WILL make after trusting Jesus to save you were/are all covered by His sacrifice. Jesus saw those mistakes and deliberate bad decisions prior to dying for you. He's not a "band-aid for your shotgun wound". He covered it all! Does that mean that we can live however we desire? Perish the thought! We're saved and expected to do good works. How else will people notice a difference in us. How else will people distinguish us from the lost? Nevertheless, our works should be a result of our salvation, not a means to receiving or maintaining salvation. This is very important! Don't fall for the tricks of Lordship Salvation. Do your research, friend!

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