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I Love You THIS MUCH Feat. Emily Scott


12th Ave A.J Feat. Emily Scott

Jesus lived a perfect life, died on a cross, and rose from the grave to save ANYONE who trusts Him to do what He's promised. Please understand that trusting Jesus to save you from the penalty of your sin isn't maintained by what you do or keep from doing, but rather by trusting Jesus to do what He's promised despite your daily victories or failures. Jesus died for your past, present, and future sins which means that the mistakes and deliberate bad decisions that you WILL make after trusting Jesus to save you were/are all covered by His sacrifice. Jesus saw those mistakes and deliberate bad decisions prior to dying for you. He's not a "band-aid for your shotgun wound". He covered it all! Does that mean that we can live however we desire? Perish the thought! We're saved and expected to do good works. How else will people notice a difference in us. How else will people distinguish us from the lost? Nevertheless, our works should be a result of our salvation, not a means to receiving or maintaining salvation. This is very important! Don't fall for the tricks of Lordship Salvation. Do your research, friend!

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Who is “12th Ave A.J”? 

Concisely, 12th Ave A.J is a 35 year old music producer, songwriter, performing artist, studio engineer, DJ, Substitute Teacher (Sub Teach USA), and a Christian Apologist. 

When and where did A.J receive his education? 

Key West High School (‘03) - Diploma. 

Grand Canyon University (‘14) - Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies. 

Liberty University (‘18) - Master of Divinity in Pastoral Ministries. 

How long has A.J been rapping? 

22 years. 

How long has A.J been producing? 

20 years. 


A.J has been married for almost 13 years now (10-06-07) and has two children. 

More Background Information:

In 1984, Alexander James Harris Sr. (A.J) was born in Miami, Florida.  Prior to his mother’s marriage to a military man, A.J lived with his mom and siblings in the Florida Keys.  He would often travel from Marathon, Florida to Miami, Florida (Liberty City) to see his dad and grandparents.   

Following his mother’s marriage, A.J would experience living in places such as: Tennessee (Clarksville), Kentucky (Fort Campbell), Germany (Kaiserslautern), and Hawaii (Honolulu) just before moving back to the Florida Keys where he would graduate from Key West High School.   

After graduating from KWHS, A.J briefly attended Florida Keys Community College (FKCC) attempting to earn a degree in Multimedia Technology.  However, feeling as if college just wasn’t for him, A.J would drop community college and fall into trouble.  He had gone from Varsity Football and Basketball Player at Key West High to hoodlum.  Fortunately, even after being arrested and detained a couple of times, A.J has no record.  He believes that his clean record and freedom are because of the grace of God.  After disrupting traffic, specifically, throwing frozen eggs at moving cars, evading police, and trespassing to find an officer’s glock in his face as a K9 barked at him, A.J was transferred via paddy wagon to the Key West Police Department.  While A.J definitely should have been booked, he experienced grace.  Some things that stuck with him as his information was being taken were the words of a white police officer.  The officer’s words were something like: 

“What are you doing, man?  You’re a good kid.  Hey (he said to another officer), document us bringing him in, but don’t book him.  Find some better company, man.  Do better.”   

Following documentation, they allowed him to leave.  A.J states that he had always been afraid of police, especially after hearing confirmed stories about some of his black football teammates being apprehended by officers and having drugs planted on them in downtown Key West, but this white officer had forever prevented A.J from blanket-labeling all law enforcement.  While such gracious treatment should have led A.J down the straight and narrow, A.J’s crooked thoughts kept him from straight paths.   

Even after being pulled over with his friends several times with drugs in the car, being frisked, and seeing a couple of his friends constantly taken to jail on warrants, A.J would get into breaking into cars and houses, stealing from stores, fighting, drinking alcohol, and using and selling drugs.  In addition, for several months, A.J was literally homeless; sleeping in vehicles, the park, a shed, and at his friends’ apartments.  His Cuban and Haitian friends always did their best to make sure that he was taken care of, nevertheless, A.J was living a horrible life; eating bacon bits for dinner at times.  Things continued to get worse for A.J and the need for change was extremely evident to him.   

Feeling as if he needed to either escape Key West or face the perpetual decline, A.J moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas were he had once lived when he was in the 2nd or 3rd Grade (He attended Gerald Adams Elementary).  A.J and his friend Butch, who had also lived in Key West, were permitted to stay with A.J’s mom, step-dad, and brothers in Fayetteville until he, Butch, and his younger brother Eric had gotten their own apartment just upstairs from his mom.   

Unfortunately, the only change that A.J had experienced was in location.  A.J continued to sell drugs, club, drink, smoke, and more.  A.J’s misbehavior was partly the result of not having his biological father with him as he grew up and partly the result of his own desire to “be like” his favorite rappers (2pac, The Cashmoney Hotboys, Starlito, Yo Gotti, Webbie, and Boosie).  While A.J’s step-dad had certainly done a lot for him, A.J still felt incomplete with his biological father being incarcerated for around eight years of his life.  Glory to Jesus, A.J’s dad is now a worship leader and their relationship with each other has been amazingly restored, but prior to that, A.J’s “acting up” was a manifestation of him being raised by hip-hop stars who looked like him and were extremely “successful”.   

It was while riding in the back of his step-dad’s car that A.J fell in love with the rapper 2pac.  2pac inspired A.J to write his own music, and several years later, A.J began producing beats as well.  A.J began to take his music more serious in Fayetteville, linking up with some of the local talents and making somewhat of a name for himself, but he still continued to deal.  Being warned that a Fayetteville Officer had been asking an old-head about him, A.J decided to make changes; giving up drug-dealing and focusing more on his music, and change happened faster that he had expected.  

A.J was propelled into the right direction due to the death of his little cousin DJ Harris. While A.J was down in Miami for his biological dad’s wedding, he received a phone call informing him that his 16 year old cousin DJ had died of a massive-heart attack on the basketball court.  DJ was a Christian unashamed of his faith, and his smile was contagious.  A.J was confused as to why God would take someone like D.J as opposed to someone like him, but had A.J been taken, he’d be paying for his sins personally.  The message of “tomorrow isn’t promised” coupled with the captivating strength of DJ’s parents at the funeral because of their certainty that they would one day be reunited with DJ played a crucial part in A.J’s decision to trust Jesus to save him.  A.J would later return to college to earn his Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies and his Master of Divinity from Liberty University.   

Today, A.J continues to write, produce, and record, is a Christian Apologist, a graphic designer, a website builder, a DJ, and a substitute teacher for Farmington Public Schools (Sub-Teach USA).  He is known as “The Rapping Sub”.